“Binding cultures & generations”



UX Designer


5 days Design Sprint


Pen & Paper / Ideas / Sketch / InVision / Unsplash

"How to tackle the digital divide?"


The Digital Divide in Canada

First step of this project has been to conduct research about the digital divide as most of the group was rather unfamiliar with this issue.

Quickly we realised that the digital divide was particularly affecting certain underprivileged populations : lower income, disabled,  geographically isolated… but that overall First Nation people were directly affected by this issue. From this statement we decided to focus our work that group and cultural exchanges which lead to the following problematic :

How to connect First Nations across Canada with fellow Canadians using digital technology to create mentorships programs?
Based on our vision supported by the findings from the preliminary research, user persona were defined and a low-fidelity prototype driven around mentorship, culture and technology principles, was created to launch a first round of user testing in order to validate our assumptions and concept.

The final result after several rounds of iteration was a working prototype presented on InVision.

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