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"How to leverage blockchain technology to improve donation transparency ?"

A Start-up Weekend winning project

AMRAC was born in 48 hours during the Geneva Start-up Weekend over a simple statement :

In a world of ever growing inequalities, NGOs are facing great challenges from lack of trust to shift of behaviours amongst donators becoming more and more demanding.

With the democratisation of blockchain technology emerges great opportunities in terms of transparency, efficiency and traceability while being highly cost-efficient.

AMRAC aims at bringing this technology to the non-profit sector to rebuild trust while allowing a greater involvement of donators.

One of our core mission is to both organisations and end-users at the center of our design to provide a simple yet efficient solution to their problems. 

Our team is committed to bring this project to life and revolution the way donations will be made in a near future. We are currently working on our MPV to soon present our concept to NGOs and reach out to potential investors.

And last but not least ! AMRAC has been short listed for the Hatch CoLab program, the social impact division of the Geneva based Fusion accelerator!  Stay tuned !

Any inquiries? Feel free to drop me a line: